Money Made Easy - A YD&NB Course by Shelby Grosch

Money Made Easy - A YD&NB Course

Stop spinning your wheels when it comes to money and let me teach you how to start building real WEALTH!

Why you NEED this course

This course is for people who:

  • ✅ Have minimal experience managing money or want to learn a better way.
  • ✅ Have debt and no savings or investments.
  • ✅ Want to learn how to start investing and become a MILLIONAIRE or more.
  • ✅ Want to make more money and have their money work for them.
  • Want to start building long-term wealth!

How will it help you:

  • 💰 Lessons that are easy to understand, straight to the point, and no BS.
  • 💰 FREE tools to build automation into your finances.
  • 💰 Step-by-step video tutorials on opening, funding, and building an investment account.
  • 💰 Quizzes to make sure you fully understand the topics covered.
  • 💰 Action steps you can take TODAY to help better your financial situation.

What you get as a student:

  • 🎥 17 video lessons.
  • 📖 32 text lessons.
  • 💻 6 downloadable.
  • 📃 Quizzes and bonus material
  • 📞 Direct messaging to answer anything you may need more explanation on.
  • 🔒 Lifetime access to the course including all new content for no extra 💲💲💲!

Money Made Easy - A YD&NB Course

An all-in-one course designed to teach you the things you wish you would have learned about money YEARS AGO!

I guarantee after you take this course you will feel more confident than ever about handling your own money. Whether that is everyday management, investing, or planning for the future.

This course teaches you it all and more.

About your instructor

Hey! I'm Shelby. For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with money and how to use it as a tool to its fullest potential. In 2017 I wrote a book called Young, Dumb, and NOT Broke?! and I didn't realize that it would lead me to here.

3 years later and I now run a blog and YouTube channel that have thousands of readers and viewers. This fascination has quickly turned into a passion of helping people mange their money better so let's see if I can help you!


What's included in this course?

This course was built for all skill levels and designed for you to go through things step by step to help you once and for all understand how to manage your money. Here are the modules included:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Key Terminology
  • Module 3: Managing Your Money
  • Module 4: Let's Start Investing
  • Module 5: Thinking About The Future
  • Module 6: Wrapping It Up
  • Module 7: Bonus Material
  • Downloads and Documents
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I've never bought an online course. Is this for me?

I understand that online courses are somewhat new to the world but in short, YES. If you are self-motivated person that wants to learn and have a more fulfilling life then online courses are for you.

Will the price change?

Yes, this course is a living document and lessons will be added to it throughout the year. As new lessons are added and new students on-boarded the price of the course will go up. Once you have purchased the course you will have lifetime access to it and any additional material.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, 100% If you aren't happy with the course, I'll refund within 7 days of purchase.

What's included?


Module 1: Introduction
Welcome To Money Made Easy!
2 mins
What To Expect From This Course
2 mins
How To Be Successful Taking This Course
2 mins
Pre-Course Evaluation
Module 2: Key Terminology
Key Terminology
2 mins
Net Worth
Savings Rate
Principal & Interest
Compounding Interest
Assets & Liabilities
Credit Score & Credit Report
Index Fund and Mutual Fund
Module 2: Key Terminology: Quiz
Module 3: Managing Your Money
Why Budgeting Sucks and You Shouldn't Do It
3 mins
Money Hierarchy Explained
The 5 Minute Way To Manage Your Money
3 Ways To Manage Cash Flow Offline
3 Ways To Manage Cash Flow Online
Why I Use Tiller Money To Manage My Finances
16 mins
Let's Talk About Debt
7 mins
Debt Organizer Worksheet
138 KB
Let's Talk About Credit Cards
10 mins
Putting It All Together
7 mins
Find Something That Works For You
Module 4: Let's Start Investing
Why You Need To Start Investing TODAY!
6 mins
The Investing Hierarchy
How Much Do You Need To Retire - Retirement Calculator
Your Different Account Options
Let's Open A Wealthfront Account!
10 mins
Setting Up Automatic Transfers Into Wealthfront
7 mins
Understanding Your Investments & Fees
8 mins
Let's Talk More About Fees
6 Things To Always Remember About Investing
Now What?
Module 5: Thinking About The Future
The Financial Plan Worksheet
4 mins
5, 10, and 20 Year Financial Planner
155 KB
Buying A Car or Home? Read This!
Using A Savings Account For The Short-Term
Why You Need A Will
Will Example Download
212 KB
Power Of Attorney & Trusts
Module 6: Wrapping It Up
Let's Put Some Things Into Action NOW!
Post-Course Evaluation
Some Final Thoughts
Downloads & Documents
Investor Hierarchy Download
128 KB
Money Hierarchy Download
132 KB
Advisor vs Wealthfront Fees Spreadsheet
19 KB