One-On-One Money Coaching by Shelby Grosch

One-On-One Money Coaching

Let me answer all of your questions in a one hour coaching call.


Hiring a money coach is something I never even considered doing but I'm glad I did. Our call started out with Shelby asking me questions that no one ever has about my finances. It forced me to be honest and put it all out there. 

Yes, it was a weird feeling at first but at the end of the call I felt so much more organized. He gave me 3 things to focus on and even followed up a couple of times to make sure I was on the right track.

Well worth the money.
Talking to someone about your finances can seem scary and too revealing.

Shelby's coaching session was everything but that, we discussed how to manage my money in the future and together came up with goals. Shelby followed up later which kept me more accountable for my goals.

Beyond happy I reached out!
Shelby was AMAZING and made me never once feel like I was dumb. That was my biggest fear surrounding ever hiring someone to help me with my money.

I came into the call with 3 different areas of debt (please no judgement). By the end of the call we had come up with a plan to eliminate one of them within the next 6 months and the other two much sooner than I thought. He showed me how much I would save in interest and wow! Totally worth the $75 for this call.
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About your instructor

Hey! I'm Shelby. For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with money and how to use it as a tool to its fullest potential. In 2017 I wrote a book called Young, Dumb, and NOT Broke?! and I didn't realize that it would lead me to here.

3 years later and I now run a blog and YouTube channel that have thousands of readers and viewers. This fascination has quickly turned into a passion of helping people mange their money better so let's see if I can help you!